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When you visit our website information is collected in order to adapt and improve the content. If you do not wish any information to be gathered, you can delete your cookies. Below we have detailed, which information is gathered, the purpose and which third parties can access it.



The website is using cookies. Cookies are a text file, which is stored on your computer, smart phone, etc., with the purpose to remember settings, track statistics and target ads. Cookies do not contain any damaging codes/virus.

It is possible to delete or block cookies. How to do this depends on which browser/device you are using, so we recommend checking the settings for your specific browser/device.

If you delete or block cookies ads can become less relevant for you and occur more frequently. You can also risk that the website will not perform in the most optimal way and that there will be content you cannot access.


Personal information

Personal information is all kinds of information, which can relate back to you. When you use our website we gather and process some personal information. This occurs when you purchase an item and/or register as user.

We typically collect and process the following type of information: A unique ID and technical information about your computer, tablet or smart phone, your IP-number, geographical location and which pages on our site you visit.

If you explicitly allow it and enter the details yourself, we also process the following: Name, phone number, e-mail, address, payment type. This will typically be in connection with a purchase or a user registration.



We process your information in a secure and confidential way in accordance with current legislation.

Your information will only be used for the purpose, for which it has been collected and it will be deleted, when this purpose is completed or no longer relevant.

We have taken technical and organisational measures, which make sure that your information will NOT be published or abused or will be used in any way that goes against current legislation.



The information is used to identify you are as user, to display more relevant ads, register your purchases and payments, and deliver the required service. In addition we use the information to optimize our services and content.



The information is stored for a period of time allowed according to current legislation and is deleted when no longer needed. The time period depends on the type of information and the reason for storing it.


Disclosure of information

Data concerning your use of the website is disclosed to third-party in order to provide targeted advertising.

In addition we use third-party companies for storage and processing of data. These solely process the information on our behalf and are not allowed to use it for own purposes.

Disclosure of personal information (name or e-mail) only happens if you actively agree to it.


Insight and complaints

You have the right to receive insight concerning what personal information we process. You can at all times object against the processing of the information and withdraw your consent.

For any questions or concerns please contact



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